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was founded in 1993 by Prof Dr. Emmanuel Aftias, Ass. Professor at the NTUA, Department of Civil Engineering - Water Resources, Hydraulic and Maritime Works Division. The company has since been active in the areas of expertise related to hydraulics, namely flood protection, hydrology, design of water and sewage networks, irrigation systems and erosion control. Since 2004 the company has been constantly enlarging its scope of activities to include Environmental Engineering, Geotechnics and Surveying, Port Design and Project Management, while it has been consistently upgrading its professional licences on all respective fields.

Currently, the company is run by civil engineers Stefanos Lazaridis and Michael Aftias.

Stefanos Lazaridis
Dipl. Civil & Environmental Engineer, NTUA
MSc Water Resources Management, NTUA

Stefanos Lazaridis joined Ydronomi on 1998 and he is a partner since 2004. He has an extensive experience on hydraulic design projects particularly on water, waste water, and storm water networks simulation and optimization as well as on hydrological modeling. He is fluent in English and French.

Michael Aftias
Dipl. Civil & Environmental Engineer, AUTh
MSc Civil & Environmental Engineering, MIT
MSc Technology Policy, MIT

Michael Aftias joined Ydronomi as a partner on 2004. He has worked for 3 years for the renown contractor Bouygues, at the Methods & Pricing division in the Paris head office. He worked on the bidding and construction phase of numerous large scale infrastructure projects around the world, including among others, Thessaloniki Metro and Thessaloniki Submerged Tunnel in Greece, Port of Tangier in Morocco, Rovigo Offshore Gas Tank in Italy, TGV Est line, Pyrenees TGV Tunnel and Ivry-Massena Tunnel in France, Coega Port in South Africa, Stonecutters Bridge in Hong Kong, Dublin Port Tunnel in Ireland, and the RAV metro line in Vancouver Canada. He is fluent in English, French, and Italian.

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